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Rotary International District 3131


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181West Words July 20195th July, 2019west words July 2019club bulletin west wordsPoona WestClick To View
182Central Turf 06 July 20196th July, 2019Central Turf 06 July 2019R'Anns and Rotarians Welcome to the RY 2019 - 20. All of us had a great time at the installation last week, welcomed the new board and said farewell to the old Lets look forward to do all we can and enjoy the year.Pune CentralClick To View
183ISSUE 11st July, 2019ISSUE 1Installation Issue no.1Pune KatrajClick To View
184PRATIMA ISSUE 12nd July, 2019PRATIMA ISSUE 1Our monthly Club Bulletin - Pratima Issue 1Pune-KothrudClick To View
185Westwords 11st July, 2019Westwords 1Last Bulletin of 18 19Poona WestClick To View
186PUSH Installation Bulletin1st July, 2019PUSH Installation BulletinPUSH Installation BulletinPune ShivajinagarClick To View