Rotary International District 3131

Donation of Oxygen Concentrator to PHC by Roha Central

Donation of Oxygen Concentrator to PHC
13 Sep, 2020

Beneficiaries : 10000

Cost : 130000

President : Mahendra Divekar

Rotarian Team : NA

Non Rotary Partner :

Description :
Where the Covid-19 pandemic is spreading rapidly, Rotary club Roha Central continues to dedicate and provide resources to help fight the situation in the city. Considering the current situation and the need of the hour, where the patients infected from Covid-19 are found suffering from difficulty in breathing due to having depleted level of Oxygen in the body, only way to provide that is artificially through ventilators. Rotary Club Roha Central donated an assembly Oxygen concentrator machine of worth about 1,30,000 Rupees which would help generation the O2 without requiring an oxygen cylinder. The MO of the PHC did comment that the machine shall be of vital use to the patients being admitted under the corona infection. The Club’s President had urged the people of the city to monetarily contribute towards the cause of providing this facility to the PHC. With the joint efforts this task could be possible.